CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility)



The Kansar Khazar company, as the leading iodine industry, has always paid special attention to our social responsibilities in business development. We are committed to continuously improving the level of health, safety and environment (HSE) at the staff level. Definitely, protecting the health of human capital and the environment, and paying attention to the society and all stakeholders in the organization will lead to sustainable growth of the organization.

The KKC has been awarded environmental certificates. In recent years, several projects have been undertaken to increase production efficiency by utilizing new processes based on the sustainability of production and the reduction of pollution and the preservation of the environment.

With a special emphasis on CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) as a Responsible Organization for its stakeholders and commitment, the organization will benefit from the ethical and targeted approach, and the society and stakeholders will better understand the performance and strengths of the organization.


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